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20 to 24V DC regulated power supply

12V20A LED AC110-220V

Applicable to all kinds of electronic equipment, switching power supply is widely used in industrial automation control,...



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Why Choose Shuofeng

  • Excellent technical strength

  • It is a professional manufacturer of switching power supply, electrical peripheral accessories and other products, integrating design, manufacture and sales. It has a complete and scientific quality management system.
  • Excellence In Quality

  • The company is equipped with all kinds of advanced testing equipments in the industry. All products are in compliance with relevant quality standards and have won many international patent certificates.
  • Huge sales channels

  • At present, the company products have been exported to Australia, Japan, the Middle East and South America and other countries and regions. Has won the trust of customers at home and abroad
  • Thoughtful after-sales service

  • Integrity, professionalism, quality and service are our business objectives. Provide customers with quality after-sales service, buy worry-free

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Shenzhen Shuofeng Technology CO.,LTD.


Shenzhen Shuofeng Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of switching power supply with design, manufacture and sales. With strong technical strength, the strength has also brought talents in switching power supply technology, forming an excellent design and development team. The main production and sales of various LED switching power supply LED waterproof power supply LED waterproof power supply, const...

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